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How To Wear Old Clothes

There are so many things to do with old clothes. You can recycle them, give them away, or turn them into something new! I prefer the latter because it’s more fun and creative than just recycling or giving away my clothes. There are some really easy projects that can be done at home – like turning shirts into skirts – but if you’re looking for a project that is a little bit harder, then check out these tutorials on how to make your own dress from an old t-shirt! The klær fra 70-tallet offers amazing tips and tricks so make sure to check them out.

The first thing to do is to pick a t-shirt. You can use any size but if you want the dress to fit like it looks in the photo, then make sure your shirt is at least as big as an XL (20 inches across and 28 inches long).

Klær Fra 70-tallet

You’ll also need something stiff for structure – I used interfacing that was left over from making bags . It’s really important not just to put one layer of interfacing on because it will be too thick and wrinkly overall. So sandwich two layers between each shirt piece before cutting out your pattern pieces! And this step isn’t listed below so here’s how:

After ironing down both layers of interfacing onto the backside of our shirts we cut out three rectangles using a ruler and a pen. The first two rectangles were the same size as our interfacing pieces but we cut out a slightly smaller rectangle to be one of the front shirt pieces because it was easier to fit on top of the other dress piece.

Then all you have left is sewing! So start with putting your back shirt together by attaching both shoulder seams, then attach one side seam before adding in your second front shirt piece (and don’t forget about that third smaller front piece). It’s really important that they’re not put into place yet though – there will be some extra room for this next step.