Old School Game Arena – Trip Down Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane is all that Old School Game Arena (OSGA) is about.

Old School Game Arena, I mean how cool does the name sound, like retro gaming heaven. It’s a communal site where we gather to share our nostalgia while paying tribute, and delving into all things retro and modern. Open for 11 months now in 2016, OSGA was founded by David Johnston who wanted to bring back the golden age of gaming when it wasn’t just a medium for entertainment but an art as well…something which many people were blatantly ignoring out of being overly concerned with graphics/ realism, etc. He created OSGA cause he wanted gamers to enjoy themselves again having fun with each other online through their shared love for video games. The site is very user-friendly. You can download and play games online without any hassle. There are emulators available that we don’t have to worry about installing on our phones/laptops as the site itself streams them in a clean manner like Netflix, once you’ve chosen what game, all you need to do is press Play! One of my favorite features on OSGA is that you will find almost every retro console’s full library—obviously with some variation among the titles, but it’s a nice way to revisit your childhood favorites while introducing yourself to new classics.

Another interesting thing I found was an emulator called Exophase which lets you emulate classic 8-bit computer systems such as Amiga 500, Atari ST, Apple II, BBC Micro, etc as well. It’s a lot of fun! The main thing you will notice is that there are an array of games for your favorite platforms and they are all 100% free. Each game has its own unique page where gamers can rate the game along with writing a comment which adds to the overall value and appreciation towards certain titles from other users. There is also a forum where you can discuss gaming in general or ask for help if stuck on something while playing a game online.

There was freshness around me whenever I opened OSGA—it was like fellow friends discussing their love for gaming over a cup of tea… it wasn’t difficult at all to make new friends on this site cause everybody shared the same interest. It is so easy to get going in OSGA. You don’t even need an account, just sign up with your email and you are ready to go! It’s like a treasure chest where you can explore and rediscover the games that made gaming what it is today—the excitement of trying something new and long hours spent on online multiplayer against friends…

I recommend this site for all retro gamers out there—it’s really nice to find a place where you feel comfortable just sitting back kicking your feet on the coffee table while talking about the good old days of arcades. This site gives us an opportunity to broaden our horizon when it comes to gaming …and yes now I am trying my hand at some hardcore retro gaming ;)..so stay tuned!