Determine Your Brand Popularity with the Social Media

Social media has continued to face new advances such as new platforms, technologies, and content delivery methods. Nowadays, social media is becoming very focused on videos as it usually gets more engagement and reach.  Almost everything in facebook will be transmitted through live videos. Newer to social media platforms are video ads and livestream video features on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  These formats have been welcomed with tremendous success and user popularly.  Therefore, businesses and companies today should using videos to their advantage and most importantly, developing different a unique video themes and content that bring audience engagement and visibility.

The most effective platform remains to be the integral. Instagram is becoming a leading social media platform among Facebook and Twitter; in fact, it is expected to remain so into the coming year.  The numbers of the users tell it all.  Through the platform’s consumer engagement, it’s noted that it’s a 10 times higher than on other platforms like Facebook.  In addition, Instagram users are more likely to follow brands since the app is more visual focused. For brands, Instagram should be used by them not only to tell a story about the brand identity and experience, but for ads as well.

The usage of the Emojis and GIFs provide social media users a fun way to express their emotions and personality. It gives the customers a more tangible way to express themselves.  Simple texting may not produce the same results as GIFs and emojis. There are an endless amount and variety of GIFs and emojis for users to use.  GIFS and bitmojis can be personalized to you and are trending on social media. The platforms have already been accommodated well in the current market. IOS 10 functionally supports the advanced way of expression, and Facebook has greatly utilized GIFs.  Therefore, many brands should stay up to date with the latest trends, both by using GIFs and emojis in their content, and by appealing to consumers’ preferences by giving an opportunity for expressing themselves personally through images.

Brands should also focus on the artificial intelligence because AI is coming to social media platform in a huge way: Chat bots are charged to have effects on how consumers interact with the different brands on the social platforms.  Chat bots has been enlisted to purposely deliver an experience that is human-like in the interactions through conversations.  In addition, it has been charged to provide capable consumer service by offering information and handling of the purchase orders.  Artificial Intelligence is also set to help with the content customers see via robust data analysis.  Brands should really get to understand the specific available opportunities and learn to use cases that all makes offers and in turn act smartly in capitalizing on them.

It is important to learn that the users are gaining power over their own social user experience: Social platforms are continuing to provide the users with more preferences and features to customize their social accounts.  Users are increasingly getting more power over the content they see and view on social media platforms. In addition, brands are expected to test user ease testing which will contribute to the ever changing preferences and feature on social media.